Earth Day Pledge Re-cap

On Earth Day 2008 I challenged bloggers on Social Spark to blog about their personal Earth Day pledge. Below is a re-cap of the blog posts and links to each pledge that I received. Green love is in the air!

Daydreamz is motivated to eliminate her plastic bag stash, start using recyclable bags and start biking to work! Personally, except for rain and snow days, Ive always found biking to work to be invigorating. Please let us know how it goes!

A shutterbugs life is going to sign up for home recycling pick-up and is going to recycle a bunch of old computer equipment. Recycling old electronics is very important, because the almost always contain mercury, cadmium and other toxic metals! Staples is a great place to go for recycling computers and similar equipment.

NWI is going to cut down on his water usage. This is a big one and should be a goal we all strive to achieve!

Pams family is already doing a lot to live green, but they often run out of time to commit to recycling. This Earth Day Pam is committing to make the time to recycle – making every day an Earth Day! Maybe Pam will check in with us periodically and let us know how her recycling goes?

Select Visions is proof that public service commercials do pay off. She recently saw a commercial on phantom power, and is now committed to not letting anyone (or anything) steal (or waste) her electricity!

Sue of a Hand Me Down Life pledges to teach her children how to plant trees and to start composting food waste!

And, Time shadow wrider is working to grow more of her own food, canning and buying local!

Other links showing the diversity of life experiences when it comes to planet saving:

Happy Earth Day by Jayvee

We want a greener earth by Life Long Sharing

It is Earth Day Today by neelkanth

If you made a pledge to live greener this Earth Day and you would like to share, please let us know what you have pledged to do in the comments!

Don’t forget to come back Friday for the Carnival. Green Me will be taking the munchkiroo to visit his grandparents, but Iggi will still be around to post the carnival. Please note that we’ve received so many submissions, that all submissions received on April 22 or later will be published in the following carnival!

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