Revolution Money Exchange

As you all know I am a big fan of buying new/used or artesian goods to lighten my foot print. In many cases we get our new/used goods from Craigslist, but there are also times that we have bought baby things and what not online. For example there is the great site Etsy where folks can sell goods they make themselves. And, there is diaperswappers, which is a cloth diapering Mecca of information with moms ( and sometimes dads) buying, selling, trading all sorts of cloth diapers and accessories. Lately, a lot of users at both Etsy and diaperswappers have been switching from PayPal (or using in addition to PayPal) Revolution Money Exchange (RME).

Through May 15, 2008 anyone who signs up with RME and gets a verified account will get $25 to spend. No kidding. I was a little skeptical at first, but after watching the mommas on diaperswappers successfully use the service, and receiving an invite from a friend, I signed up. So for so good.

Sign up today (for free) and be on your way to sending, receiving and withdrawing money for free. There is a fee to receive payment by check and other extra services, but that is pretty much the norm for any online money or banking service. Unlike PayPal, they do not allow credit card transactions. And, for those that are wondering, RME is a legitimate business, you can read all about it in this USA Today article. Then follow the link below to sign up and share in the Green!

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