Being green can mean dirty business

I challenge YOU to take a hit for the Earth and use recycled toilet paper (no not the kind someone else has already used). Everyday millions of Americans wipe their tushes with paper that has been bleached and quilted to a fluffy white perfection. The paper toilet industry has led a massive and misleading campaign over the decades to convince you, the hapless buyer, that you need to wipe your butt with something so soft you could use it for a pillow. Personally I don’t buy their advertising my butt does not need quadruple quilted TP and neither does yours. According to the National Resource Defense Council: If every household in the United States replaced just one roll of virgin fiber toilet paper (500 sheets) with 100% recycled ones, we could save 423,900 trees. According to Charmin customers, the average household uses a roll of TP every five days, so if every home home in the US switched to recycled TP for a single year that would save (365 divided by 5 times 423,900 trees) nearly 31 million trees!

I must confess that despite last weeks post on Green Envy, I am very smug about my toilet paper. I am so smug that I will recommend my favorite brand, in hopes that you will take the challenge and switch. Over the years I have tested several brands of recycled TP and I have come to prefer Earth First. I may not require quadruple quilting, but I do require paper that holds up under normal use and is decently soft. If I didnt care about those things, I might as well use a ball of wool or some old newsprint! There are brands of recycled TP that dont do the job and, there are brands that are softer or if you prefer, more quilted than others. Earth First falls into the category of softer and quilted, which is reason number one that I recommend their bath tissue.

Most importantly our family has found that Earth First Bath Tissue holds up on the job while boasting high post consumer recycled content. Earth First TP is made of 100 % Recycled Paper Content AND 80% Post Consumer Recycled Paper. Unlike some recycled paper TP the color is a bright white (versus gray) that has been obtained in an eco-friendly process rather than using chlorine bleach.

In our area Earth First Bath Tissue is sold through Costco at a very competitive price. Regular grocery stores, such as Kroger, often carry Seventh Generation, which is a good substitute, but tends to cost more. And, just in case you are wondering, I have not been paid, bribed or gifted into writing this review. My motivation simply stems from the fact that I see TP as one modern invention that I couldnt comfortably live without and I dont think that you should have to either. Fortunately post consumer content TP gives paper a second life and cuts down on the destruction of virgin forests. So, save a tree (or 31 million) and switch to recycled TP today!

BTW in researching this article I came across some comments claiming that recycled TP is unnecessary, because so much TP is made from managed forests. Then Life Goggles published this story today indicating that in fact much of our paper products (Kleenex and TP alike) are in fact made from virgin forests. Follow the link above to Life Goggles and further your resolve to use recycled!

A great resource from the National Resource Defense Council with information on all sorts of recycled paper products.

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