We love the Farmers Market!

When we bought our home two years ago we didn’t realize that we were just down the road from the local Farmers Market, which sets up on Saturdays at the County Fair Grounds. However, since we discovered the market and have gotten into the habit of visiting, it is our favorite Saturday activity. We did not buy much in the way of greens or any eggs for two reasons. First we have a bunch of green lettuce, spinach and arugula in our very own yard. And second, we wanted to save some room in the crisper for eggs and whatever else that we find at the Ollin Farms grand opening this afternoon!

This week we were fortunate to have a few extra stands in town that decided to try out the Longmont Farmers. Normally, these stands visit the lucrative Boulder Market, which is home to the Boulder Creek Festival over Memorial Day weekend. We were also very thankful to see Hazel Del Mushrooms and the Windsor Dairy cheese folks, since they were both in the line of the huge tornado that came through the area on Thursday. The cheese folks are actually still assessing the damage, but Hazel Del came out fine.

This week our food basket is filled with:

Applesauce and pear-apple butter from Ela Family Farms on the Western Slope

Pea Sprouts from an unidentified local seller

Bok Choy from Ollin Farms

Horseradish from Mountain Valley Canning

Tomatoes (green house) from Honeyacre Farms

Aged Colona cheese (organic, raw from 100% grass fed cows) from Windsor Dairy

Organic Multigrain Bread from Styria Bakery

Mixed Mushrooms from Hazel Del

Red popcorn from Boulder Popcorn (grown on Munson Farm nearby)

Dinner tonight? I thought Id saute up some mushrooms and serve it with seared bok choy, as that was a big hit last weekend. And, perhaps I will also make an asparagus quiche with some aged colona and eggs that we plan to pick up from the Ollin Farms Farmstand grand opening later this afternoon!!! For lunch we already had some of the bread, tomatoes and pea sprouts on chicken salad sandwiches.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and come back on Tuesday for the conclusion to my Asparagus Adventure!

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