Does your baby get a rash on his/her neck on occasion?

Very disturbing post over at Zrecs. Also surprising, because I have occasionally noticed a red spot on the back of my sons neck, but assumed it was from fabric rubbing. He rarely wears Carters tag-less clothing, but we do have a few we received as gifts or seconds. One more reason to keep your little ones in organics!

Read more at Zrecs: Tagless Infant Clothing Causes Chemical Burns

BTW on a different note for those of you with infants and Pajamas avoid any clothing with fire retardants! Tight fitting cotton PJs will be retardant free, but most baggy, fleece, and other PJs contain fire retardants, unless other wise noted. There will be a report coming out soon over at the Environmental Working Group. Ill post up a link when they publish their report.

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