VeganDads Creamy Mac and Cheeze

Earier this week I came across a blog that really caught both my eye and my tastebuds! On Tuesday I was looking to make use of tofu, quinoa and sweet potatoes (In the name of Foodwaste Reduction), so I tossed the ingredients into Google and came up with this recipe for Cajun Quinoa.  Last night I made the Mac and Cheeze. Now over the years I have tried several mac and cheese recipes sans cheese and never found one that Id willingly make again. This time around I am super happy to have leftovers and this meal will definitely earn a place in our meal rotation!

I did make a few adjustments to the recipe as I used oat milk instead of soy (we try to only eat minimally processed soy products: tofu, miso, etc.) and no sunflower seeds, because we think Baby Green Me is mildly allergic to them. I also baked the recipe with some bread crumbs and vegan rella on top, as Vegan Dad said he thought this might be good, but hed not yet tried it baked. I love baked mac and cheese and had never myself baked any variety before and it was a definite winner.

What makes it a winner? Creamy rich flavor and both Daddy and Baby Green Me chowed down (both the quinoa and the Mac and Cheeze). I even used some of the Cheeze sauce for a veggie dip to hold Baby Green Me at bay while I was making dinner. I also love the variety of nutrients from proteins to good fats found in this Mac and Cheeze compared to your average mac and cheese recipe. To round out our meal we also had some ancient shitake mushrooms from the fridge (rehydrate in a cup of almost boiling water for about 20 minutes) sauteed with baby bok choy and a nice cool(and local) Dales Pale Ale from our storage room/beer/wine cellar.

On a side note, I think one of the things I love about Vegan Dads recipes is that he seems to put paprika in everything, which is something I never do, but that my grandmother has always claimed is her trick to delicious food. Whenever someone asks her why a particular meal is so good, her standard reply is oh, I tossed some paprika in!

I think that the next recipe I am going to try is the one for Ruben Sandwiches. I absolutely adore a good ruben and about ten or twelve years ago there used to be a vegetarian restaurant in Boulder that made a delectable one, but I havent had another since then!

Any who, I have added VeganDad to my RSS feed and if you are looking for lots and lots fo wonderful green and or vegan eating ideas you should too!

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