Please go vote for the Solaris Cupcake at Conunundrum Cupcakery!!

IronCupcake Coffee voting is open! Please vote for my tasty Solaris cupcakelisted under Conundrum Cupcakery! Voting is on the right side bar behind this link. You may vote for up to three cupcakes, but why bother? Just vote for the best: Solaris!

You can read the original Solaris: the Cosmic Coffee Cupcake Post here or read the brief synopsis below!

The Solaris Cupcake is best eaten before 10 AM,but delicious at any time of the day!Many beautiful cupcakes are guilty of being either overbearingly sweet or deathly bland. The rich ganache and the tender cake of the Solaris are instead tempered by the bittersweet flavor of the candied orange and complimented by the cinnamon spice and orange extract. The resulting flavor of the Solaris neither overwhelms nor bores, but rather each bite of this delectable cupcake gently awakens and satisfies your senses. The cupcake is truly cosmic and absolutely perfect alone or with a rich cup of fresh coffee.

P.s. More on Conundrum coming soon

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