You can eat the turnips!

This morning we made our first family trip of the Season to the Farmers Market. We loaded up on fresh greens, onions, lavendar, baby bok choy, fresh made tortilla chips and a sweet Japanese turnip (forgot the name, started with an h)! When I put the turnips in the Chariot with Baby Green Me I jokingly told him that he could eat the turnips. A few minutes later when I opened the top to get out our water bottle I discovered this:



Guess he likes turnips! Yay!

A spring trip to the Farmers Market has to been one of the best activities in the book. The air and was warm with the hint of a breeze, the sky clear, the trees green. The weather was in fact perfect for our walk and it was immensely satisfying to get in a little exercise. I was also pleased as punch to use the cotton produce bags that Mr. Green Me had given me at Christmas time. Not only did we walk to the market and buy fresh produce, but we also did not consume any unnecessary plastic bags! Woohoo!

Happy Spring and Mothers Day to all the moms!

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