Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Have you ever had a miracle in the kitchen? I can claim to have had more than a few miracles visit my kitchen over the years; however, this is the first time I’ve been visited by three consecutive miracles, including, a visit by the Virgin Mary.

It is late afternoon and the husband has gone out to run a few errands, while the kid takes a nap. Appropriately, it is also Sunday and I am putzing around the house getting things done, when I realize that Id like to have pizza for dinner. I pull up the recipe for the Friday Night Pizza as published in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  Opening the cupboard I am dismayed to discover that not only am I completely out of Canola oil, but that I also only have a few drops of Olive Oil left in the bottle. The recipe calls for Olive Oil and truly, any oil would likely do, but it looks as though I may be flat out of any kind of oil.  Ive already started to proof my yeast in the water, so I decide to try and claim the last of the Olive Oil from the bottle.

The first miracle is that I had exactly 3 Tablespoons of olive oil left in the bottle, the exact amount called for in the recipe. Does that EVER happen? The second miracle, is that my husband was diverted on his errand run and had not yet made it to the grocery store, so I was able to call and add both kinds of oil to his shopping list. (This was a rare event, he has ALWAYS left the store by the time I call to ask him to pick up something else).  Miracle #3 is that the Virgin Mary showed up in my yeast mixture as I added the Olive Oil. Coincidence? I think not

And now, we know why it is called Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

The truly amazing part of this story is that I just drizzled the oil from the tablespoon over the proofing yeast, shook it a few times, and ended up with what, really does look like some intentional fresca fresco of the Virgin Mary!

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