Cupcakes for Christmas

Last Friday my husbands company had their annual party. For the last couple of years they’ve hosted it at the home of their sales and marketing rep, which makes for a very cozy and laid back get together. The party was catered with food trays from Whole Foods, so the food was all around fairly healthy and tasty! However, as I am the dairy free gal I volunteered to bring along some festive vegan cupcakes. Mr. Green Me is very fond of key lime pie, so in his honor I made vegan coconut lime cupcakes (inspired yet again by Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World!).

I basically followed the recipe in the book to a T, short of topping a few of the cupcakes with organic raspberries for a little extra holiday color. There were not any leftovers. Surpised?

Since November all of my baked goods have been made with some locally made flour that I bought back in November. Ill write a post on the flour soon, but I have a few more things to bake first! However, I will say that baking sweets is a bit of a luxury and that I appreciate the cost of using certain items, such as vanilla (I always use the real stuff from Madagascar), coconut and lime, none of which grow in Colorado! However, I have been using a sugar that is processed in Colorado and sourced from Colorado and a few surrounding states, local eggs (when I am not baking vegan), and Ive also been playing a lot with local honey.

Most importantly though, I bake from scratch, I try to buy in bulk, and I use real ingredients. Our bodies are what we eat just as the planet is what we make it, so I am very careful with what goes into my baked goods. And, Ive been making a point of not eating processed sweets of any shape size or variety, because to me they are just another variation of consumeristic plastic cr*p. In other words, if you want sweets take the time to make your own wholesome ones or spend the dough to buy some made by a local bakery (that is also careful with their ingredients).

Enough with the rant. Now for some pictures to make you hungry!

Batter in the cupcake pan prior to baking:


Cupcakes cooling on my new cooling rack (thanks to Grandma Green Me in MI, who also gave me the esteemed book).


And up close


I was very pleased with the result. I hadn’t thought about it ahead of time, but coconut is perfect for winter holiday decorating as the cupcakes look like they are covered with little piles of fluffy snow!


If you havent already, get in the spirit and bake something festive! If you need inspiration check out the Cookie Swap (I plan to join the fun someday soon).

Green Me: Alison the Eco Cooking Gal

If you are a regular reader you will have noticed a distinct lack of posts in the past few months. On one hand I’ve been quite busy with other ventures, but for the most part I just lost my desire to write the sort of posts that Id been sharing. I’ve considered dropping the blog altogether, but some recent experiences (including the acquisition of a kick ass vegan cupcake book) have inspired me instead to blog about one topic that is dear to my heart. Edibles.

We eat every day. We put things in our mouths every day (some of us more than others). And, when it comes down to chemistry (and biology) we really are what we eat. On a daily basis my efforts to green my family and to ultimately Green Me revolve around edibles.

Cutting meat out of our diet (or at the least drastically cutting back) makes a huge impact on the environment. Vegetable based protein even when trucked cross country results in the production of significantly fewer pollutants and green houses gasses than the production of meat. Whole grains are better for your body and when prepared correctly, are much more satisfying than a refined to pieces slice of white bread. Cooking from scratch is good for your wallet, good for your body and good for the planet. And that is what I am all about.

Henceforth any posts will be from Green Me the Eco-Cooking Gal and they will be about my experiences making various edibles from scratch. If you get hungry and want to put the green stuff in your body put me in your RSS feed and get ready to play with food.

Green Clean Mom Hits the Big-time!

You may have noticed the badge on the left Green Me margin, which proclaims yours truly to be a member of Green & Clean Moms. Well, the original Green & Clean Mom is moving her blog on June 1st. Sommers current site is very green and very sexy, but the new Green & Clean Mom site wont be just a blog it will be a complete resource for fellow Green & Clean Moms! To celebrate she is hosting a wonderful give away, so go check out her current site today and sign up for her RSS or email feeds, so you don’t miss the move!